Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Kick Private Vultures out of South West Acute Hospital!

The privately financed South West Acute Hospital
Before the South West Acute Hospital was even built, promises were broken by the politicians and more than a dozen key medical services were lost, leaving us with a huge building but with few locally-delivered services. Now it can be revealed that the total cost of the hospital is to overrun by almost HALF A BILLION POUNDS, the vast bulk going into the profits of big business!

Many patients have found themselves travelling to Altnagelvin in Derry for even minor procedures. As the Socialist Party predicted, the closure of acute services in Omagh has increased pressure the South West unit, leading to crisis situations. What does it say about the Assembly parties’ commitment to our health service that basic procedures cannot be dealt with in this “state of the art” hospital?

Friday, 26 September 2014

Call for Minister Foster to Act Now to Stop Fracking

I want to ask Arlene Foster to close the door on Tamboran’s plans to frack for gas in Fermanagh. In April 2011 her department, DETI, gave Tamboran a five-year license for the field with a deadline of three years to complete exploratory drilling and make a ‘drill or drop’ decision on the field. The license issued is the only one in NI which explicitly references hydraulic fracturing despite the fact that there was absolutely no local consultation or any assessment of potential adverse Environmental or Health impacts.
Minister Foster
In the intervening three years, Tamboran failed to take the steps necessary to meet the deadline for submitting its drill-drop decision. In March of this year they were forced to request a six-month extension which the Minister’s department unilaterally granted. This decision flew in the face of mounting awareness and opposition to this industry and concerns about its impact on our county.